The team concept at JWB involves each member in the process—from the owner and architect, to the grassroots craftsman. As a result, JWB has been able to maintain close, long-standing relationships with architects, subcontractors, craftsmen and other industry professionals.

Building Relationships

Strong relationships are the key to much of JWB’s success. Several satisfied owners have returned time and again with new projects or have referred their friends or family to Jack Wilkie Builder. Some architects have been working with JWB for more than twenty-five years.

About Jack Wilkie Builder


Formed in 1974 by our namesake, Jack Wilkie, our company was built and is operating on the guiding principles of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and fostering lifelong relationships with our clients and design partners.

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Jack Wilkie


Jack Wilkie, passionate about woodworking since childhood, formed the company in 1974. Since then the company has been based on Jack’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and high-end construction.

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Project Team


At JWB each project has a highly experienced,designated team to support every phase of its execution.

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