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practical knowledge that is lasting, endures/flourishes over the course of time.

Difficult Campground

Formed in 1974 by our namesake, Jack Wilkie, our company was built and is operating on the guiding principles of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and fostering lifelong relationships with our clients and design partners. Our mission is to create an exceptional and unique building experience for each and every client. Your project team is dedicated to delivering the best project to you on time and on budgets.

At the company’s present size, we feel we are “right-sized”; small enough to provide a hands-on experience; keeping overhead costs low; yet adequately sized to react quickly and allocate resources when needed; with a healthy annual volume that provides competitive material pricing, generous return policies for unused materials; and competitive pricing from a strong subcontractor base eager to align themselves with our company and the quality of our product.

JWB is committed to bringing all of our expertise to bear throughout the entire life of the project. All of our estimating/budget, scheduling and accounting systems have been structured specifically to develop and manage a project from its’ early planning through its final construction. We continually gather, analyze and report on issues such as value engineering, materials and methods and scheduling with an eye on improving the program, budget and schedule. The continuity of our systems’ organization provide our staff the accurate, updated and timely information and tools it needs to manage the project’s budget and schedule, and prepare analysis’ and recommendations needed by the team.





JWB’s wide range of services gives clients the ability to tailor the general contracting experience to their specific needs.